Why we use Linux Operating System

Ten Reasons why we should use Linux

There are many reasons why Linux should be preferred over proprietary software platform such as Windows and Mac. But here, we are listing the top ten reasons to give you the clear picture.
Until a few years ago, Linux was used mainly for servers and was not considered suitable for desktops. Linux has today become user-friendly enough to replace Windows on desktops. It is being used by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Here are the ten most important reasons why.

Top Ten Reason why we used Linux

  • High Security: Installing and using Linux on your system is the easiest way to avoid viruses and malware. The security aspect was kept in mind when developing Linux and it is much less vulnerable to virus compared to windows. The reason for this higher level of security is that since Linux is open source software, the source code is available for review.
  •  High stability: The Linux System is very stable and is not prone to crashes. The Linux OS runs exactly as fast as it did when first installed, even after several years.
  •  Ease of maintenance: Maintaining the Linux OS is easy, as the user can centrally update the OS and all software installed very easily. All the variants of Linux have their own central software repository, which is used to update the system and keep it safe. The updating can be done periodically, with just a few clicks, or users can even automate the updating process. 
  • Runs on any hardware: All of us know that with every new release of windows OS, a huge number of hardware systems become obsolete as their technical specification are no longer adequate to run the latest Windows OS. Linux runs on a range of hardware, righ from supercomputers to watches.
  •  Free: Linux is completely free and users do not need to pay for anything. All the basic software required by a typical user and even an advanced user are available. The equivalent of professional software for desktop publishing, photo editing, audio editing and video editing are available.
  •  Open source: The most important aspect of Linux is that its source code is available as it falls under the FOSS category.
  •  Ease of use: Linux has now user-friendly and has a good graphical user interface (GUI). It has almost all the functionally that Windows has. In case you are using some application which run only on Windows, you can install Wine (Windows Emulator), using which you can run those application on a Linux system. Several games are now available on Linux. Even if a particular game is not available on Linux, you can install PlayOnLinux to run Windows game.
  •  Customization: There are numerous choices for wallpapers, desktop icons and panel. There are more than half-a-dozen desktop environments to choose from, like GNOME, KDE, etc. The Linux version of most popular browsers are available. The Linux OS offers a command line interface with several shells to choose.
  •  Education: This is the most useful aspect for students, as they can use the software to study how it works, before modifying and extending the code to suit their needs. This will also help them to learn the internals of an OS and the software.  Linux can be fantastic educational tool for schools and college as free software is available to aid in teaching.
  • Support: There is strong community support for Linux over the Internet through various forums. The paid support option is also available for commercial enterprises with companies like Red Hat and Novell offering 24×7 support for critical application and services.

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