The Ultimate Guide To the way to Enable The Classic Macos Startup Chime On New Macs

The Ultimate Guide To the way to Enable The Classic Macos Startup Chime On New Macs

Not that I badly want to enable the classic startup chime on newer Macs, I even have indeed missed this unique sound ever since Apple removed it in 2016. While a couple of hacks about getting the chime back on macOS surfaced online, their joy was short-lived as macOS updates rendered them useless. But guess what, an all-new Terminal command trick, which brings back the startup chime quite reliably, has been getting many traction for the past few days. If you would like to urge this iconic sound on your Mac, let’s unravel this hack right away!

Enable the Classic Startup Chime on Newer Macs

For those unfamiliar, the chiming startup sound was actually (C-major chord) developed to let macOS users know that the diagnostic tests didn’t find any software or hardware issues. And it had existed on almost every Mac boot since 1991. another thing worth noting is that the foremost recent F-sharp chord had first forayed into iMac G3 (1998) which was the primary consumer-facing product to launch under the recently returned CEO Steve Jobs. Moreover, G3 proved to be a game-changer for Apple, saving the corporate from the approaching bankruptcy within the late 1990s. Now that you’ve got a good amount of history behind this iconic sound, let’s get on with the fast steps!
1. Launch the Terminal app on your Mac

Note: make sure that the quantity of your Mac is up in order that you’ll hear the fashionable chime sound.

2. Now, enter the subsequent command and hit the Enter/Returnkey.

sudo nvram StartupMute=

3. Next, enter your admin password.

4. Next, close the Terminal app and restart your Mac (Apple menu -> Restart).

Now, await the familiar chime sound to ring your ears when the Mac boots up.

Disable Classic Startup Chime on Newer Macs

If you ever wish to urge obviate the chime sound, you’ll do so even as easily.

1. Open the Terminal app on your macOS device. Then, paste the following command and hit Enter/Return.

sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

2. Now, you would like to enter your admin password.

3. Next, quit the Terminal app and restart your Mac.

Get the fashionable Startup Chime on Newer Macs

So, that’s the way you’ll enable the long-lasting chiming startup sound on your newer Macs. Hopefully, the upcoming macOS updates don’t render it useless. As quite lot of macOS users like this sound, it might be better if Apple offered an choice to turn it on/off from the system preferences. What’s your combat it? And more importantly, have you ever found this trick worth giving a try? Do share your feedback with us within the comments below.

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