The Ultimate Guide of the way to Fix ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10

The Ultimate Guide of the way to Fix ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10

Of many issues associated with Windows 10, I even have personally been at the receiving end of this error: We Can’t Sign Into Your Account. It’s a frustrating issue that locks you out of your account, folders and valuable files. and therefore the sad part is that it’s been occurring for years, yet Microsoft has not been ready to patch this widely reported issue. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you’ll get your account back without losing any files. So during this article, i’m getting to show you ways to repair ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10. the method is sort of simple and that i have explained the steps intimately in order that you’ll easily resolve this issue by yourself. With all that said, let’s now jump to the guide.

Fix ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10

Here, we’ve mentioned three different methods which will assist you fix the sign-in problem on Windows 10. But before that, let me clarify, all of your files, folders and drives are completely safe and there’s nothing to be worried about. Windows suffers from this issue when the user profile goes corrupt thanks to issues concerning Registry modification and damaged system files. Now having cleared that doubt, let’s begin with the primary method that’s the Registry hack.

·        Have you ever Been Signed in With a short lived Profile? Try the Registry Hack

Since you’re unable to log into your account, Windows has signed you into a short lived profile. Using this profile, you’ll make a few of changes to revive the first profile.
Note: albeit you’re not signed into a short lived profile, you’ll still access Registry through the Safe Mode. I even have explained the steps else into Safe mode within the next section (Step #1 to #3) so undergo that then plow ahead with the below instructions.

1. Press “Windows” and “R” keys directly to open the Run window. Here, enter regedit into the text field and hit enter.

2. Next, copy the below path and paste it into the address bar of Registry Editor. then , hit enter and you’ll be taken to the ProfileList folder. Under this folder, you’ll find entries with “S-1-5” initials. of these “S-1-5” folders are assigned for every user account profile on your PC.
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVers

3. Now, we’ve to seek out the first user profile that has been corrupted. undergo each “S-1-5” folder and appearance for the corrupted username in ProfileImagePath.

4. Once you discover the right “S-1-5” folder, double-click on the “State” item and alter the worth data to 0.

5. Under an equivalent folder, search for “RefCount” and alter its value data to 0. If “RefCount” isn’t available then right-click on the most window and click on on New -> DWORD (32 bit) and manually change the name to RefCount. then , enter 0 within the value data.

6. Now, close the Registry and restart your computer. This time, ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ error should be gone. Just log in to your account normally and you’ll be ready to access all of your files.

·         Recover Your Account Through Safe Mode on Windows 10

1. If you’re signed into the temporary profile, open the facility option from the beginning menu. Now press and hold the “Shift” button and click on on “Restart”. Release the “Shift” key only you see “Please Wait” on your screen.

Note: If you’re not signed into a short lived profile, then click on the facility menu within the login screen (located at the bottom-right corner) and proceed with an equivalent instruction mentioned above.

2. Your Windows 10 PC will boot into the Advanced Options screen. Here, click on Troubleshoot then open Advanced Options. Once you’re there, click on “Startup Settings” then proceed with “Restart”.

3. On the Startup window, press 4 key on your keyboard to finally enter the Safe Mode in Windows 10.

4. In Safe Mode, enter your password on the login screen as was common and see if you’re ready to check in to your account. If so, restart the pc and log in to your account within the normal mode. this point you ought to undergo the login screen.
5. In case, it didn’t work, boot back to Safe mode by following step #1 to #3 and temporarily disable all the antivirus installed on your system. Just look for Windows Security and open it. Open “Virus and threat protection settings” and disable all the toggle including “Tamper” protection. If you’re employing a third-party antivirus, open it and disable all types of threat protection.

6. Next, open the Run window by pressing Windows and R keys directly . Type services.msc in the text field and hit enter.

7. On the Services window, search for “Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection” and “Microsoft Defender Antivirus”. Right-click on each of them and open “Properties”. Now, change the Startup type to “Disabled”. Having done all of that, now restart your computer normally and check if you’re ready to check in to your account on Windows 10.

8. If the above steps didn’t work then reboot into Safe mode again and uninstall unknown applications. you’ll do so by pressing “Windows” and “X” keys directly then open “Apps and Features”.

9. Next, sort the applications by date and uninstall the recent applications. then , undergo the app list and uninstall the programs that you simply haven’t any idea about. then , restart the PC normally and check whether ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error remains there or gone.

·         Create a replacement User Account

If none of the above methods worked then you’ll create a replacement account and move all of your files from old account to the new profile. This way, all of your files, folders, and drives are going to be accessible. Here is how you’ll roll in the hay .

1. From the temporary profile that you simply are logged into, open Windows Settings from the beginning menu and navigate to Accounts -> Family and other users. Here, click on “Add somebody else to the present PC” under the “Other users” section.

2. then , click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” then proceed with “Add a user without a Microsoft account”. Now, enter the username and password (optional) and click on on “Next”. for instance , I even have specified “Vinit Kher” as my new username where i will be able to move all my old files.

3. Having done that, click on the newly created user account under the “Other users” section. Now, click on “Change account type” and alter it to “Administrator”. Finally, click on “OK” and restart your PC.

4. Now, log in to the new account and undergo the initial setup. then , open C:\Users and open the old user account. Here, you’ll find all of your documents, downloads and desktop files. Copy all the folders -> return -> Open your new profile folder and paste everything. That’s it.

5. Now all of your files and drives are accessible a bit like before but during a new user account. you’ll prefer to remove the old profile from Account Settings (Step #1) also . Also, if you were using Microsoft account earlier then you’ll sign back to your online account by navigating to Windows Settings -> Accounts -> Your Info. Here, click on “Sign in with a Microsoft Account” and you’re done.

Resolve ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10

So that was our 3-point guide the way to fix ‘We Can’t Sign Into Your Account’ Error on Windows 10. While two of the methods are aimed toward fixing the matter , the third and last one is essentially a workaround to urge your files back. If you don’t want to reset your Windows machine or install Windows 10 from scratch then creating a replacement user account may be a better thanks to go. Anyway, that’s all from us. If you’re still facing some problems then comment down below and allow us to know. we’ll attempt to assist you out.

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