The most effective method to Fix High CPU Usage After Windows 10 KB4512941 Update

The most effective method to Fix High CPU Usage After Windows 10 KB4512941 Update

As it’s consistently the situation, with another Windows update come new bugs. Just as of late, Microsoft discharged an aggregate update on August 30 named KB4512941 which has begun causing significant CPU spikes with unusually high use. Numerous Windows clients are confronting this issue especially in the wake of introducing the KB4512941 update. In this way, on the off chance that you are one of those influenced clients and searching for an answer, you have gone to the correct spot. Here, we have given two basic approaches to fix the high CPU use that is happening after the Windows 10 KB4512941 update. Both the techniques are simple and direct so no concerns there. Presently right away, we should experience the means.
Fix High CPU Usage After KB4512941 Update
Before we fix the issue, allows first comprehend what is making the CPU spike strangely. With the KB4512941 update, Windows incorporated Cortana with SearchUI.exe framework wide. 

Accordingly, Cortana continues running out of sight, eating a lot of framework assets and causing the CPU spike. Since we have gone through the reason, we should fix the issue. There are two simple approaches to determine the high CPU Usage on the most recent Windows 10. Possibly, we can uninstall the KB4512941 update out and out or supplant Cortana search with Bing Search. From the outset, we will experience the primary technique and afterward will move to the subsequent strategy. Presently having said that, here is the manner by which to do it.
Note: With either technique, you won’t lose any information so there is nothing to stress.
• Uninstall KB4512941 Update
1. Open Windows Settings or basically press Windows + I alternate way to open it. From that point forward, open Update and Security.

2. Here, click on “View Update History”.

3. Presently, click on “Uninstall Updates” on the top.

4. Here, you will find the KB4512941 update. Right-click on it and select “Uninstall”.

5. It will request your confirmation. Click on “Yes”.

6. Presently restart your PC and your PC will have returned to the stable 18362.295 form. Following that, you won’t face any high CPU utilization on Windows 10.
• Disable Cortana Search
Here, we will utilize Windows Registry to cripple Cortana Search and supplant it with Bing Search. The great part is that you will in any case be on the most recent Windows 10 build yet with no performance issues. Here are the straightforward steps to follow.
1. Press the Windows key once and type Regedit. It will appear on the top. Open it.

2. Presently, explore to this way physically or you can paste the Registry address on the location bar to immediately open the said menu.

3. Here, search for “BingSearchEnabled” keyword. For the most part, it ought to be on top. Double tap on it and change “value Data” to 1 and snap the “OK” button.

4. When you have done that, close the Registry and restart your PC. Presto, presently Bing Search should be back and you shouldt not confront any surprising CPU spikes.
Resolve High CPU Usage on Windows 10 with Simple Steps
So that was our fast guide on the most proficient method to fix high CPU use in the wake of introducing KB4512941 update on Windows 10. As I have just referenced, the issue is straightforward as is the arrangement. I have referenced two simple approaches to manage the issue with the goal that you can pick appropriately. You can out and out uninstall the refresh or stay on the most recent form in the wake of tweaking Registry. Anyway, that is all from our side. In the event that you are confronting some different issues on Windows 10, do remark down underneath and let us know. We will be glad to investigate.

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