SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset Review


SteelSeries’ Arctis headset line has become known for shaking up the headset market sort of a sonorous, perfectly cushioned Pac-Man and is almost as synonymous with gaming too. The SteelSeries Arctis 1 gaming headset brings the brand to a good cheaper price point ($49.99 at the time of writing).
At this price, the cans are missing some features found within the best gaming headsets. The Arctis 1 doesn’t feature the distinctive elasticated headband design of its siblings, and while there’s a wireless version offering support for almost every gaming device you’ll imagine (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), this wired version we’re reviewing features a 3.5mm connection only.

Despite those fractional margins in pricing, the Arctis 1 seems like a really different set of cans than the Arctis 3. the most important and most blatant difference is that the headband, which uses a more traditional aluminum chassis design and covers it in lightweight black plastic. It’s adjustable, a bit like the other headset on the market in 2019, and therefore the level of clamping force around your ears feel almost right. It won’t budge, albeit you create sudden headbanging movements. the scarf packs in many soft cushioning on the underside, but it isn’t quite as comfortable because the Arctis 3.

Things get a touch more familiar lower down, as around each earcup is that the same super-comfortable, cloth-finished memory foam padding found on pricier Arctis models. the form and size of those earcups is perfectly fitted to sitting comfortably for long periods and creating an efficient chamber for the lower frequencies to resonate in. There’s tons of noise leak if you switch these all the high , which has more to try to to with the breathable fabrics used than any inefficiency within the earcups’ shape.

At the rear of the left cup are volume and mic mute controls. On the front may be a detachable mic, a primary for the Arctis series. Unlike the scarf though, we’re fine with this deviation from the line’s tried-and-tested formula. We’ve yet to lose a detachable mic, which is that the major primary downside of such a design.

The Arctis 1 are often rotated to get out flat for straightforward packing and transporting and have a silver, polygonal design on the material covering each driver. The cable’s not braided and ends during a 4-pole jack. There’s also an extension cable with split audio and mic inputs bundled within the box.
Visually these looks just an equivalent as SteelSeries’ other Arctis headsets, apart from the scarf features a matte black finish and a restrained splash of SteelSeries branding in matte silver at rock bottom of every earcup. There’s no RGB, and therefore the headset isn’t available in the other colors. Black is extremely much the new black in gaming headsets this year.
Audio Performance

The Arctis 1’s sound made more sense after I booted up a couple of games and began popping off mobs and other enemies in shooters and action games. Bass sounded great when bullets were flying. Many headset manufacturers have historically graded their EQ to spice up low-end frequencies, but the Arctis series features a lovely, flat response that stands out from the standard gaming cans.

The upshot is that bombastic titles that feature tons of things being destroyed at a given moment sound great on the Arctis 1. However, in atmospheric RPGs, walking sims and other slower genres, where your ear might drift to the score or ambient noises, they’re almost as articulate as higher priced Arctis headsets. As for why there’s a discrepancy in sound, we’re stumped. Construction materials do certainly contribute to an audio device’s character, but we wonder if there’s some hard EQing happening during this model which may are better left because it was.

I do have tons of affection for Arctis’ Clearcast detachable mic, though. it is easy to position in situ and produces clear, clean vocals that sound great for the worth .

Features and Software

This being a 3.5mm connection, there’s no opportunity to tweak EQ settings or save profiles via SteelSeries’ Engine software. But this makes tons of sense for this price point.

My Observation

SteelSeries built a beautiful ₹ 8,499.00package with the wired Arctis 1 headset. Although it lacks the comfort of ski goggle headband models, its firm and well-cushioned while maintaining breathability. The headset produces good audio for the worth , but its output isn’t quite as flat and clean like other Arctis cans.
But if you absolutely can’t re-evaluate ₹ 8,499.00for a gaming headset, the Arctis 1 is competitive against other headsets during this price range and an honest deal for the worth .

There’s a great package crammed into the SteelSeries Arctis 1, considering its budget price. But there are better-sounding headsets available that cost just a touch bit more.
Technical Details
Item Weight
526 g
Product Dimensions
18.9 x 18.5 x 8.7 cm
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Warranty & Support

Warranty Details: 6-month supplier-backed warranty

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