Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor Review and Specification

Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor Review and Specification

The Samsung CHG90 doesn’t appear as if anything on the market today. Practicality and compatibility be damned, if you would like some serious gamer cred then this monitor truly makes the last word first impression. That’s the most reason anyone would pip out , and from what we’ve seen over a couple of weeks, it delivers whenever – no a part of your PC gaming setup will look nearly as good as this monitor.

The biggest wow factor is in fact the sheer size of this 49-inch curved screen. Then there’s its incredibly wide ratio of 32:9, which even makes ultra-wide 21:9 monitors look conservative. Of course, Samsung has smartly added variety of other visual elements like a ball-and-socket mount on the stand, and a base that’s unabashed about its massive footprint. First impressions aside, does the Samsung CHG90 have the substance to match its undeniable style? Over the course of our long-term review period, that’s precisely the question we’re looking to answer.

Samsung CHG90 design

You’ll be spending a reasonably penny for the Samsung CHG90 (LC49HG90DMUXEN), and therefore the excellent news is that it justifies that expense simply because of its looks. The body is a chic mixture of greys and blacks, with a brushed metal finish on the lower front face and a metallic Samsung logo. The brushed metal finish extends to the edges of the monitor also .

The screen features a curvature of 1800R, which is pretty steep, and is and ideally optimised for one user sitting 2-3 feet away. This monitor does eat up tons of desk space, and our desk, which is quite adequate for a 27-inch monitor, was completely dominated by the Samsung CHG90.

There’s a prominent vent running horizontally across the upper rear, below which you’ll find the aforementioned ball-and-socket joint that connects the screen to its height-adjustable stand. The socket features a sleek blue LED ring that increases and reduces its brightness supported the audio level within the game. It’s a fun feature to possess when you’re gaming within the dark – with the sunshine reflecting off the rear wall -but in fact , you’ll need to route your PC’s audio via the monitor for that.

It’s quite easy to swivel the monitor horizontally and vertically, though the turning radius is restricted to only 15 degrees altogether directions. Unlike many other monitors, this one isn’t designed to be used vertically, thanks to its curvature and size, so height adjustment is additionally limited.
The stand itself offers a neat cable management system that allows you to pass unsightly wires through it, because of a removable panel. Unscrew the stand altogether, and you’ve got the choice to wall-mount this monitor using the bundled VESA adapter.

Samsung CHG90 specifications and features

With a resolution of 3840×1080, which is that the equivalent of two full-HD monitors placed side-by-side. The QLED display supports a peak luminosity of 350 nits, which could not appear to be much for a TV, except for a monitor with a way lower viewing distance, it can get very bright. Being a QLED display with high peak brightness, it supports HDR10 also .

The panel features a 144Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth motion in games, and a 1ms reaction time , making this monitor good for gaming. Moreover, it supports local dimming therefore the black level can get quite deep in dark scenes. the height static contrast ratio of the panel is 3000:1.

The Samsung CHG90 supports AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology also , which promises variable refresh rates and HDR for a far better gaming experience, but we didn’t get an opportunity to place that to the test, as our test rig had an Nvidia GPU.

As for connectivity, the monitor has quite number of options including two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 3.5mm audio input. Besides these, it also features a USB hub with two USB 3.0 ports at the rear, which isn’t exactly easy to succeed in .
A monitor with this many features needs an honest on-screen menu. Thankfully the CHG90 doesn’t disappoint. The OSD comes on with a press of the facility button, and offers a comprehensive list of options to line up the monitor to your preference. you’ll optimise the brightness and refresh rate, turn FreeSync on or off, and also control other options like USB power and therefore the blue lighting effect.

Besides the menu, you furthermore may get control of the source and PBP (picture-by-picture) mode, allowing you to use multiple inputs side-by-side — consider it as two desktop monitors, with none space in between. apart from power, there also are three quick-access buttons below the screen to allow you to switch between different presets which will be customised to your needs.

Samsung CHG90 performance

There’s little or no that’s designed to accommodate the 32:9 ratio , apart from gaming, which too, only a get number of games. It’s up to the developers to make a decision what proportion they need their games to scale, and from our experience, most of them reach at 21:9. Some first-person shooters we tried – like Doom and Destiny 2 – scaled to the complete 32:9 resolution, letting us cash in of the broader viewing area.

In games like these you’ve got a VR-like effect, to the purpose that you simply literally need to turn your head from left to right to ascertain what’s at the acute ends of the monitor. It takes a touch getting wont to the extra viewing area, but once you are doing , it’s a plus you’ll miss once you withdraw to a typical ratio .

In strategy games, the broader viewing area may be a huge asset, supplying you with a transparent view of the playing field. We tried Halo Wars 2, which fit perfectly across the screen (except in cutscenes, where the highest and bottom were cropped bent fit the width). Though the horizontal resolution is just about what 4K has got to offer, the larger screen gives you a way better perception of the situation , so when enemies emerge from the shroud of war, you’ll notice immediately.
Other games like Overwatch and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War scaled only to a maximum ratio of 21:9, and therefore the resolution topped out at 2560×1080, leading to black bands on each side of the display. This does offer you a smaller image and seems a touch underwhelming, especially due to the relatively low height of the display (14.54 inches).

Aspect ratio aside, the Samsung CHG90 does a reasonably incredible job of smoothing out in-game motion because of its 144Hz refresh rate. The QLED panel also does an excellent job of creating colours enter games. Destiny 2 has excellent in-game HDR that the monitor took full advantage of, bringing out details from areas that might normally appear burnt-out.

Just like the ratio , HDR at close quarters is another thing to urge wont to , especially when extremely bright lights come abreast of screen. the great news is that the amount of games that support HDR is consistently on the increase , so it’ll be great to be able to cash in of that with hardware that supports it.

Aside from gaming, if you’re expecting to use the monitor for movies and television shows, the ratio will always work against you. Movies do tend to vary in aspect ratios, but none go wide enough to accommodate a 32:9 panel. regardless of what you watch, you’ll get black bands on the edges .
Even the HDR performance in films paled in comparison to high-end HDR-capable TVs, in terms of peak brightness and overall colour fidelity. This monitor was clearly designed to be employed by no quite one person at a time, so it doesn’t work well for watching a movie or a television program with a gaggle of individuals .

As a piece desktop, the CHG90 can cause you to very productive. you’ll comfortably open three regular-sized browser windows, with each of them showing uncompromised versions of the sites you’re watching . you’ll even push that up to four simultaneous windows if a number of them don’t got to be as wide, like chat windows.

With Samsung’s native Easy Setting app you’ll easily snap windows to at least one of the pre-selected grid options or customise your own window-layout setup. Of course, there’s also Windows 10’s snap feature that creates it pretty easy to define spaces for every window, filling up your screen area without much effort.
Sitting up close when using this as a general-purpose desktop monitor, we had to scale back the brightness, and therefore the low pixel density did become evident. This makes us feel that Samsung could have achieved a good higher resolution at this size.


The Samsung CHG90 is clearly not a product for everybody . It’s not even a glimpse of what the longer term of computer displays are going to be like. It’s not practical for many people’s desktops, or as an overall entertainment display. At its price of Rs. 1,59,990, it’s costlier than tons of very large 4K HDR TVs too. Yet it’s highly impressive the primary moment you lay your eyes thereon , and continues to impress once you play games that take full advantage of it.

The advantage of 144Hz is sort of obvious and HDR in gaming is simply downright gorgeous. Connect this to a monster gaming rig with a Nvidia GTX 1080Ti or AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card (which also will add FreeSync 2 support), and this may arguably provide you with the simplest PC gaming experience you’ll get today.

Buying this monitor would be like buying a Lamborghini. It doesn’t do everything and it’s definitely not the foremost practical or budget-friendly option for everyday use, but when it does get an opportunity to spread its wings, it’s an experience you’ll always remember . a bit like a sports car, the Samsung CHG90 is certain to show heads and spark conversations with everyone who sees it. You can’t let practicality are available the way of that, can you?


• Classy design
• Excellent gaming performance with HDR
• Wide desktop area is great for productivity
• Local area dimming
• Quick access buttons for presets


• Weak HDR in movies
• Not many games support 32:9 aspect ration
• Not ideal for watching movies or TV shows
• Expensive

Product information of Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor

Technical Details
Item Height
52.5 Centimeters
Item Width
120.3 Centimeters
Screen Size
49 Inches
Item Weight
15 Kg
Product Dimensions
38.1 x 120.3 x 52.5 cm
Item model number
71 Watts
Included Components
Monitor with Stand, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, DP Cable, Install CD and Quick Setup Guide
Warranty & Support
Warranty Details: 3 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

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