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pTron, an India based company known for its audio products and smartphone accessories, launched its latest neckband style Bluetooth headset ‘ PTron Tangent Evo ‘ in the market a few months back at only Rs. 799.

pTron Tangent Evo Specificaion

  • In-ear Wireless Earphones with Stereo Sound, Bass,& Magnetic Earbuds
  • In-line remote control allow calls & music control for a hands-free experience
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, customer care number: 040-67138888
  • Bluetooth 5.0; 8 Hours Music & Talk-time; 3 Hours Charging Time; 58 Hours of Standby-time; Neckband Style
  • Ergonomic Flexible Design; 10m Wireless range; Dual Phone Connectivity; 160mAh Battery, Micro USB Charging Cable Provided

pTron Tangent Evo Box Content

  • pTron Tangent Evo Earphones in black color
  • micro USB charging cable
  • A different set of ear tips (Small, Medium and Large)
  • User manual

Design, Build & Comfort

On the design front, it has a simple design that is similar to most other neckbands wireless headset.

It has a metal constructed earbuds with gunmetal color, that looks really eye-pleasing and classy.

The earbuds are in the right size, and it perfectly fit in your ears and doesn’t fall out easily (even at walking and gyming).

Yes, the ear tips don’t have a very good build, but the lightweight design and medium-size ear tips take all responsibility for comfort.

The earbuds have magnets that snap onto each other, so it very easy to manage while Gyming or any other sports activity.

The bottom part of the neckband houses all the interactive elements. The right side sports three big multifunctional buttons, microphone, charging port, and LED indicator light.

You can easily control the music and incoming calls. Yes, these big buttons look a little bit odd in the first impression, but honestly, it goes very well with the overall design, and the best part is that it’s very very easy to controls, especially while exercise.

The left side is almost empty, only pTron branding and battery.

pTron Tangent Evo Connectivity

The best part is that the pTron Tangent Evo supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0, so it can offer you batter connectivity and improve battery life.

The pairing is simple and straight forward. Long press the power button to enter pairing mode (for the first time) and once paired, it auto connects quickly when turned on.

In my testing, I did not face any sorts of disconnection or pairing issues, and it worked flawlessly.

You also receive voice command about your connectivity status, including – connection and pairing.

It can connect up to two devices at the same time, which is another plus point of this earphones.

The Bluetooth signal was also very strong and I was able to walk about 8-10m away before skips in connection.

But during my testing, I found that if the phone is in our lower pocket, then there is little bit distortion in the connection. I do not know if this problem is only with my unit or every Tangent Evo earphones, I will update you later.

pTron Tangent Evo Battery life

The pTron promises about 8 hours of battery life, and we managed to get about 7-8 hours of battery life on a single charge, which is good.

It takes approx 3 hours time to full charge itself, you can easily get a notification via Indicator light (Red: charging, Blue: full charged).

If you have Android phones running Android 8.0 or later, you can see the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.


The headset has a tiny microphone near the charging port, which is decent in most cases; The audio caught by the microphone is not very loud, but offer decent clarity.

However, when you are in a crowded, noisy environment, it doesn’t pick up your voice. This is common in most Bluetooth headsets since the tiny microphone doesn’t catch your voice.

pTron Tangent Evo Sound Quality

Coming to the sound quality, the pTron Tangent Evo offers reasonably good sound quality with a decent amount of bass.

I am not saying that these earphones offer you one of the best sound quality, but compared to its price tag, the sound quality is really decent.

The overall volume was good and high enough, and the best thing is that it’s even clear at maximum volume.

Talking about bass sound, then yes it offers the right amount bass that we can expect from decent quality budget Bluetooth earphones.

Coming to the vocal and treble sound, then I just say again the vocal sound is decent. The best part is that even at high volume vocal sound is clear.

Treble sound, well I am not very impressed with this part.

The treble sound is not clear, especially at high volume. The good thing is that it not ruin the overall audio.

Final Word of pTron Tangent Evo

Overall, the pTron Tangent Evo is a good affordable Bluetooth neckband earphone at a price of Rs. 699.

I loved the design and build of these earphones. The comfort level and decent sound quality too play a big role in making this a very well rounded package.

If you are audiophile person, then definitely this headset is not for you, but if you looking budget-friendly decent neckband style wireless earphones under 1000 Rs for day to day use, then this is the right choice for you.

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