MSI Prestige PS42 Review and Specification

MSI Prestige PS42 Modern 8MO-075IN 2019 14-inch Laptop (8th Gen i5-8265U/8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10, Home, 64Bit/UMA Graphics), Silver

At the lower end of the Prestige series, MSI now offers a skinny and lightweight 14-inch notebook called the MSI PS42 which positions itself as a compelling buy for anyone trying to find the right combination of portability and performance.

Starting at Rs. 77,990, the MSI PS42 will certainly turn some heads, but is that the notebook really all that it’s ready to be? Here, we’ll be taking an in-depth check out the MSI PS42 to seek out out if it actually has what it takes to be your perfect companion on-the-go.

Note: For the aim of this review we received the MSI PS42 8RB from the corporate , which is that the higher-end SKU with a fanatical Nvidia GPU

Design and Build Quality

Being the company’s first laptop geared towards professionals, the MSI PS42 takes a big step faraway from MSI’s gaming design aesthetic to supply something that might blend quite easily in an office environment. Compared to another laptops within the segment, the MSI PS42’s design seems a touch unimaginative once you first take a glance at it, because it features a tried and tested brushed metal design that appears classy but outdated.

On the within , the laptop features a 14-inch FHD IPS matte finish display with rather narrow bezels on the highest and sides, along side a considerable chin. like many Ultrabooks with narrow bezels, the webcam on the MSI PS42 rests within the center of rock bottom bezel, which isn’t the foremost ideal position. However, it’s a trade off you’ll need to make if you’re trying to find a laptop with narrow bezels.

There’s a well spaced out backlit keyboard with decent sized keys, along side a rather narrow touchpad with an embedded fingerprint scanner for Windows Hello authentication. The MSI PS42 offers users an honest selection of ports (more thereon later) which are evenly distributed on the left and right edges of the device.

There’s an outsized exhaust vent right above the keyboard which houses the tactile power button within the center and every one of the laptop’s indicator LEDs are positioned to the left of the tab , wrapping over the left fringe of the notebook. i actually like this implementation because it will allow users to simply see the LEDs, regardless of the lid being opened or closed.
Weighing in at slightly below 1.2kg, the MSI PS42 is one among the lightest laptops with a fanatical GPU and albeit it does feel a touch hollow, there isn’t any major deck flex and therefore the laptop feels quite sturdy. While I’m quite satisfied with the planning and build quality of the PS42, I’m not a lover of the company’s choice of employing a white backlight with silver keys, because it makes the legends quite difficult to read while you’re using the laptop during a well-lit room, on the other hand again, you’ve got the choice to completely disable the backlight which does improve readability


The MSI PS42 features a 14-inch full HD (1920×1080) IPS display with a matte finish and it’s absolutely stunning, thanks partially to the narrow bezels. Unlike other matte panels that I’ve used before, content on the MSI PS42’s display looks vivid and crisp sort of a glossy screen, with none glare whatsoever. The display also features a decent 1000:1 contrast ratio and colours look fairly accurate, which makes the system quite decent option for photo/video editors.

As with all of its other laptops, MSI bundles its True Color software with the PS42, giving users the choice to further customize the colour reproduction as per their specific needs. And since the laptop covers all of the sRGB spectrum, there’s quite bit you’ll do to customize the colour reproduction to your liking. What prevents the display from being absolutely perfect is that the max brightness which, in comparison with other laptops within the segment, is simply about average. due to this, outdoor visibility isn’t that great and you would possibly have trouble using the laptop in brightly lit environments.

In my opinion, MSI has made use a reasonably decent display board on the MSI PS42 which makes it perfect for content creators who want an editing machine to use on the go. You’ll definitely face some issues with the brightness levels but if you think that you’ll overlook that, I can assure you that you’ll have an incredible experience with the laptop’s display.

Ports and Connectivity

For a 14-inch thin and lightweight notebook, the MSI PS42 features an honest selection of ports, offering users two full-sized USB 3.1 Type-A ports, two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, a full-sized HDMI port, an SD card reader, a 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo jack and a Kensington lock slot.
The ports are evenly distributed on the left and right edges of the laptop, with the USB Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port, the Kensington lock and therefore the SD card reader residing on the proper , while the remainder of the ports are located on the left.

The port selection puts the MSI PS42 a good bit before the competition, as most notebooks during this segment only offer a USB Type-C port and one other full-sized USB port lately .
While I even have no issues with the port selection, I do have two problems with the location and therefore the implementation of those ports. Firstly, both the USB Type-A ports are located very on the brink of one another on the proper fringe of the laptops, which could cause some issues if any of your USB headers are unusually large or weirdly shaped. Secondly, when an SD card is inserted into the SD card reader on the laptop it protrudes a good bit from the chassis, which could cause some accidental damage.


The MSI PS42 features a spacious keyboard with full-sized, well spaced out keys which makes typing on the notebook an absolute pleasure. The keys feel tactile, have an honest amount of travel and make no rattling noises. With my large hands, typing was a touch difficult at first(especially due to the narrow wrist rest), but I got wont to it within a few of hours and then typing was a breeze.
I was glad to ascertain that the keyboard included full-size arrow keys and didn’t choose a weird shrunken design like another laptops during this segment. The keyboard is additionally backlit, but the white backlight is merely good if you’re using the laptop within the dark. In well-lit rooms, turning on the backlight has an adverse impact on the readability, making the legends quite difficult to read against the silver background. aside from that, I had no issues with the keyboard on the MSI PS42.


The touchpad on the MSI PS42 is small and on top of that the integrated fingerprint scanner eats up quite little bit of usable space. i actually wish MSI had put the fingerprint scanner elsewhere (hint: on the facility button), which might have easily addressed this issue. I also faced problems while selecting text using the touchpad, because as soon as I reached on the brink of the fingerprint scanner, the touchpad would stop tracking my finger and begin moving the pointer down. Also, I don’t see any sense in leaving that tiny amount of space to the left and top right of the fingerprint scanner. wasting your space on a touchpad of this size is just beyond me.

Thanks to the inclusion of Windows precision drivers, the trackpad otherwise felt pretty smooth and accepted all multi-touch gestures with none issues. However, due to the very fact that there’s barely any area to figure with, using the multi-touch gestures felt rather unnatural and cramped.
I get that there are significant space constraints when working with laptops within the category, but i feel MSI could have made the trackpad slightly wider, which might have addressed most of the problems . Rounding off the poor trackpad experience are the left and right mouse buttons which feel really mushy but, on the upside, have a satisfying click.


At first look, you’d think that the speakers on the MSI PS42 are located within the grill above the keyboard, but that’s not the case. the 2 2 Watt speakers are located on the underside of the chassis, towards the front on either side and that they sound surprisingly good for a laptop this size. The speakers get fairly loud, especially for a laptop this size and they’re good quality speakers, no doubt.
As with most downward firing speakers, the sound can get easily muffled if you employ the laptop on your lap but an equivalent isn’t true when using it on a desk. On the contrary, the sound gets amplified while using the laptop on a desk, with the angled shape of the chassis towards the front playing the role of a passive amplifier.

Audio quality from the three .5mm combo jack is additionally pretty great and because of the included Nahimic audio software audio through wired headsets is simply exceptional. you furthermore may get the choice to customize the sound output through the software, which is great.


The webcam on the MSI PS42 is simply about average, as far as laptop webcams go (why aren’t high-resolution cameras on laptops a thing already?), but because of its poor placement it isn’t really all that usable. While using the laptop on a desk, the webcam is barely ready to capture my entire face and once I was using the laptop on my lap it could only manage to capture my chin.
As you’ll probably tell from the attached sample, the image quality are some things most of you would possibly be ready to work with, but the angle is simply plain bad.


As mentioned earlier, the MSI PS42 packs in an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 U-series processor, including 16GB RAM and a zippy 512GB SSD. On the graphics front, the laptop features both integrated Intel HD 620 graphics and a fanatical Nvidia MX150 with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM. very similar to you’d expect from a laptop of this caliber, the MSI PS42 managed to ace just about everything I threw at it, including some casual gaming. But before we get to its world performance, let’s take a glance at the synthetic benchmark scores.

Daily Use Performance

Now that we’ve got the benchmarks out of the way, lets mention the laptop’s world performance in day-to-day use. In my time with the MSI PS42, where I used it as my daily driver for work and private use, i used to be glad to ascertain that the laptop managed to successfully do all that I threw at it without a hitch.

THE MSI PS42 packs in two fans to stay everything running cool and that they barely kick in while doing everyday tasks. Temperatures remain under a suitable range under light load and therefore the chassis doesn’t have any hot spots, making the laptop quite comfortable to use on your lap. Even while playing games, none of the components got too hot, with the chassis rising to 55 degrees which isn’t all that bad

While under stress, both the CPU and therefore the GPU crossed the 80 degree mark several times, but most users will never push the laptop to those limits, in order that shouldn’t be a problem . albeit you are doing somehow manage to figure the laptop that tough , the fans do their job well and convey the temperature down significantly. However, when the fans do build up they create this high-pitched sound which could postpone some prospective buyers.

Battery Life

MSI claims that the MSI PS42 is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of battery backup on one charge, but in my testing I didn’t even get remotely on the brink of that number. In my day-to-day use case scenario, including web browsing, tons of typing, media consumption and a few light photo editing, the laptop managed to deliver around 5 hours of backup on one charge. This was possible only while using the simplest battery life profile and therefore the brightness set to 40 percent.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve discussed almost everything about the MSI PS42, allow me to offer you a fast overview by remarking its pros and cons:


• Great build quality
• Portable yet powerful
• Decent performance
• Tactile and well spaced out keyboard
• Exceptional display
• Good port selection
• Windows Hello support


• Poor webcam placement
• Tiny trackpad
• Annoying fingerprint scanner placement
• Average battery life
• No ethernet port
• Lacks USB Type-C charging support

Should You Buy It?

If you’re within the marketplace for a skinny and lightweight notebook with a fanatical GPU, you’ll notice that there aren’t many options to settle on from. Therein regard, the MSI PS42 is certainly an honest buy because it offers an honest combination of portability and performance which is great for many professionals. The laptop not only handles day-to-day tasks with relative ease, it also can be wont to play some casual games and edit photos/videos on the go.

Starting at Rs. 77,990, the MSI PS42 is certainly worth finding out, but if you’re someone who requires a fanatical graphics card, the upper end variant at Rs.99,990 may be a great buy. At this price point, there are hardly the other laptops within the market offering an equivalent specifications during a thin and lightweight package. Sure, there’s the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (starting at Rs. 74,450) which is certainly an excellent buy, but you’ll need to import it from China, which has its own risks.
The MSI PS42 may be a specialized laptop and albeit it’s some shortcomings, it offers an honest blend of performance, portability and price which can definitely attract tons of buyers.

MSI Prestige PS42 Modern 8MO-075IN 2019 14-inch Laptop Information

Technical Details
Item Height
15 Millimeters
Item Width
22.2 Centimeters
Screen Size
14 Inches
Notebook Display Technology
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1080
Maximum Display Resolution
Item Weight
1.19 Kg
Product Dimensions
32.2 x 22.2 x 1.5 cm
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Item model number
PS42 Modern 8MO-075IN
Processor Brand
Processor Type
Core i5
Processor Speed
1.60 GHz
Processor Count
RAM Size
8 GB
Memory Technology
Computer Memory Type
Maximum Memory Supported
16 GB
Hard Drive Size
512 GB
Hard Disk Technology
Flash Memory Solid State
Hard Drive Interface
Serial ATA
Speaker Description
2x 2W
Graphics Coprocessor
Number of USB 3.0 Ports
Number of HDMI Ports
Number of Audio-out Ports
Number of Microphone Ports
Hardware Platform
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
Supported Software
PCI-e SSD (NVMe) ready, SHIFT, Wide-view Display, Matrix Display (Extend), Cooler Boost 3, Audio Boost, Finger Print Security, True Color 2.0, Nahimic 3, 4-Sided Thin bezel, Creator Center
Lithium Battery Energy Content
50 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight
230 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells
Number of Lithium Metal Cells
Included Components
Laptop, battery, power adapter, user guide
Warranty & Support
Warranty Details: 2 years carry-in warranty

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