How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms: Video chat with up to 50 people directly


Facebook’s Zoom rival is here. The social network is now rolling out Messenger Rooms, a video calling service that permits you to talk with up to 50 people at an equivalent time. You don’t even got to be a Facebook user to hitch in.
Messenger Rooms borrows a bunch of features from similar video chatting platforms. as an example , you’ll use virtual backgrounds like in Zoom, apply effects and filters to your face, share your screen with others on the decision , lock your chat room like in Houseparty, and more.

You can now create Messenger Rooms globally through the Facebook Messenger app on your Android and iOS smartphones. However, users in North America will only be ready to create a talk room from the most Facebook app.
If you would like to access Messenger Rooms on your PC, you’ll need to download the Messenger app from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store.

Make sure that the app you’re using on any of the aforementioned platforms is updated to the newest version to be ready to create Messenger Rooms. If you’re simply joining an area and not creating one, you’ll do so by accessing the link for the space shared with you thru an internet browser.

How to create Messenger Rooms using the Messenger app

Since Messenger Rooms barely started rolling out globally, you ought to see a prompt to undertake them out once you open your updated Messenger app. If you don’t see a prompt, you’ll just head on to the “People” tab on your Facebook Messenger app and tap on the “Create a Room” option.

When you’re creating a Messenger Room, Facebook will offer you the choice of making an open link that anyone — even non-Facebook members — can access. However, if you simply want to limit participation to Facebook users, you furthermore may have a option to select “Only people on Facebook” from the “Who can join” tab.

Once you’ve selected your audience permissions, you’ll tap on the “Share Link” button and send the created link to other participants via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, or the other preferred platform.

When the space is live, people with the link are going to be ready to see your name and profile photo, which you’re within the room. this might also include people that you’re not friends with on Facebook, counting on who you’ve shared the link with.

As a privacy measure, the creator of the space must be present so as for the decision to start . Creators also can remove individual participants at any time.

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Once you’ve got all of your participants within the room, you’ll tap the people icon on your screen to access the decision settings. Here, you’ll prefer to lock the space so no more participants can enter. you’ll also add more participants by selecting the “Share Link” option from this menu, remove individual participants by tapping the “Remove” button next to their names or tap “End Room” to get rid of all participants directly and disable the decision video call link (see image above).

If you’re hosting a video call and expecting people to hitch , you furthermore may have a cool choice to leave the space till others take part . you’ll access the choice by pressing the X icon on the highest left corner of the decision screen. Here, you’ll prefer to both leave and are available back later or just end the decision .

If you would like to use effects, filters, or virtual backgrounds, you’ll tap the window where you see yourself and an array of options will appear at rock bottom of your screen.

Using Messenger Rooms on Facebook

As we mentioned before, creating Messenger Rooms is currently only possible within the US through the most Facebook app. Once you’ve updated the Facebook app to the newest version, you ought to see a prompt for creating Messenger Rooms in your News Feed. you’ll start and share Messenger Rooms on the Facebook app through your News Feed, Groups, or Events pages.

The video chat options here are largely an equivalent as Messenger, aside from a couple of settings. as an example , the link sharing settings remain an equivalent and you’ll choose who gets to hitch your room within the same way as Messenger. However, unlike in Messenger, you’ll schedule when to form your room go get over the “Start Time” setting. this might be very handy if you’re hosting a live concert or webinar using the service.

FacebookCreate Messenger Room through News Feed

To create a Messenger Room through your News Feed, scroll to the Rooms button on the homepage and click on “Create” below your profile picture. once you create an area , you’ll add an area activity, choose who can discover your room, and add a start time. you’ll always edit these settings later.
To choose who is invited, click the setting for an equivalent . Now click next to “Friends” to share with all of your Facebook friends. you’ll also click on specific friends to settle on who to ask and permit link sharing. Then hit “Save.”
To allow a non-Facebook user in your Messenger Room, tap on “Who is Invited?” and click on “Allow invite link sharing.”

You can read more about fixing a start time and more here.

Create Messenger Room during a Facebook Group

To create a video chat room in your Facebook group, click “Groups” within the left menu from your News Feed and choose the group where you would like to make a Messenger Room.

Then click the camera icon on top of the group page. Enter an area activity, choose an emoji, and click on “Save.” After this, click “Create,” write something about the space , and post it to the group. There’s also differently of making Messenger Rooms in groups if you’re still on the classic Facebook design. Check here for instructions.

Using Messenger Rooms on desktop

If you would like to use Messenger Rooms to share your screen with other participants, you’ll need to download the Facebook Messenger app on your Windows PC or Mac.

The desktop app is clearly more helpful if there are an outsized number of participants during a room and you would like a bigger screen to look at all of them directly . you’ll create Messenger Rooms directly from your desktop app. However, you won’t be ready to use filters, effects, virtual backgrounds, or call scheduling through the desktop version of Messenger.

So that’s everything you would like to understand about using Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms service. If you’re not having the ability to feature up to 50 people in your room, the choice might not have unrolled to you yet. However, Facebook says that it’s started pushing the feature out worldwide and it should be available to all or any shortly. You can read also our article Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks.  

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