How To Repost An Instagram Story On Your Account? Learn In Simple Steps Here


(Image Credit: Instagram)

The Facebook-owned social media application Instagram is amongst the leading social platforms available on the internet. The social media platform allows users to share selfies and multimedia via stories, direct messages, or through their feed. It has become an important medium for promoting one’s creative work or business with its new incredible feature of creating a business account. Other users love to scroll through the daily happenings of their friends and followers in the application.

With many updates, Instagram now has IGTV (Instagram TV) where people can share longer videos of their creative work, opinions, and more. Apart from all this, the platform now has “Support for business” and the “Instagram Shops” to create a wider range for business and minimize the gap between social media and eCommerce, promising a new future for online retail business. 

As Instagram allows people to share Instagram stories with their followers, one can also tag them on it. Sometimes people often wonder how to repost an Instagram story on their account. Instagram users often find themselves intrigued with beautiful selfies, poems, influencers and more and they want to share their opinions on their story. You can use the below-given steps to repost Instagram story on their account.

To repost Instagram Story on your account, you must be tagged on the story to share it easily. However, the account of the user you are wanting to share must-have Instagram Story sharing enabled. If you are tagged in an Instagram Story, you will immediately receive a DM (Direct Message).

If the account tagging you allows sharing of their content, you should see a link in the message. To repost this story within a new story on your account, tap ‘Add This to Your Story’. Once you tap on it, it will appear on the story share window where you can edit, adjust and write something before reposting it across.

Now, tap on the ‘My Story’ icon with your Instagram DP to share it on your main Instagram Story for all the followers or you can choose to tap on ‘Close Friends’ and it will be shared easily.

If you are not tagged in the story but you wish to share the content on your Instagram story, just take a screenshot. Once you have taken a screenshot, swipe right on your Instagram home and allow the camera to appear.

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