How to Remove Third-Party App Access from Google and Facebook

How to Remove Third-Party App Access from Google and Facebook

At some point, most folks have used our Facebook or Google account to play harmless quizzes and to seek out people that are stalking us on social media. However, during this process, we’ve nonchalantly handed over our account access to a mess of internet sites and apps. This has allowed third-party apps to gather our personal data for years since the permission has been given permanently. So, during this article, i’m getting to show you to seek out and take away third-party app access from Google and Facebook account. along side that, I even have also mentioned some tips and proposals to be safe online and protect your privacy. With all that said, let’s begin with the article and pack up our Google account first.

Revoke Third-party App Access from Google Account

If you often use your Google account to sign into multiple apps and websites then as a web safety routine, you ought to review the list of third-party apps that have your Google account access. Here is how you’ll roll in the hay.

1. On Android smartphones, simply open “Settings” of your device and navigate to the “Google” menu.

2. Next, tap on “Account Services” then move to “Apps Connected”.

3. Here, you’ll find all the apps that are connected to your Google account. These apps could be harvesting your data since you’ve got given permanent access to some or all parts of your Google account. to get rid of the apps that you simply find suspicious, open it and tap on “Disconnect”. That’s it.

4. If you’re unable to seek out the dedicated settings in your Android device then open an internet browser on your smartphone — preferably Chrome — and click on on this link to open your Google Account Permissions page. you’ll use this method on your iPhone or computer also . Now, open the apps that you simply find dubious and click on on “Remove Access” to revoke the permission. Also, read our article on Google Chrome security to enhance your privacy while using the browser.

While you’re at it, remember to see what Google knows about you and delete the knowledge that you simply deem private.
Revoke Third-party App Access from Your Facebook Account

When it involves account sign-in on apps and websites, many of us seem to use their Facebook account much more than Google account. For users, it makes for a simple transition since Facebook is where they spend most of their time. However, Facebook can pose an enormous threat to your privacy as we’ve seen during a number of scandals and controversies within the past few years. Facebook has been accused of sharing user data with third-party companies and without user consent. It continues to reap data through SDKs flouting user consent and selection . So, if you’re using Facebook as your sign-in method, i might recommend you to not use it in the least .
Apart from that, if you’ve got already used Facebook to sign into multiple apps and websites then here is how you’ll revoke the permission.

1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu. Here, tap on “Settings and Privacy” then open “Settings”.

2. Next, tap on “Apps and Websites” under the safety section and open “Logged in with Facebook”.

3. Here, you’ll find all the apps and websites where you’ve got used Facebook as your sign-in method. These services can access your basic and private information permanently. So to get rid of these third-party apps, tap thereon and scroll right down to rock bottom. Finally, tap on “Remove” to revoke access from your Facebook account. do that for all the apps that look dubious and harmful.

4. On top of it, if you would like to completely disable Facebook sign-in method and terminate all the present apps having access to your Facebook account, open “Apps, websites and games” under the “Preferences” section. Here, tap on the “Turn off” button and you’re done.

5. And if you don’t use the Facebook app, then open this link on an internet browser either on your smartphone or computer. then , review the apps almost like how we did in step 3 and take away the apps completely.

On a private note, I don’t think anyone should be using Facebook if they’re serious about their privacy. So, if someday you’ve got enough, remember to delete your Facebook account and reclaim your privacy.

Remove Third-party App Access from Google and Facebook to Safeguard Your Privacy

So that was our combat the way to remove third-party app access from Google and Facebook. While these sign-in methods do bring a seamless experience, there are high chances of knowledge collection if you don’t carefully read the permissions while granting access. As a thumb rule, never allow apps that invite quite your basic info. If an app wants to access your Google Drive or Gmail, don’t proceed and instead check in manually with an email ID and use a password manager to make and manage strong passwords. Anyway, that’s all from us. If you found the article informative, do comment down below and allow us to know.

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