How to get Twitter dark mode: for iPhone, Android and desktop


Switch to Twitter dark mode for easier reading

Twitter dark mode is an alternate interface for the social media app that replaces its usual bright, white colour scheme with reminder gray and black. But why do you have to use it, and the way are you able to get it?

The main appeal of Twitter dark mode is reducing glare and eye-strain. If you’re scrolling through your Twitter timeline in the dark , the darker interface will make reading easier .

It could extend your battery life a touch , too. it has been found that dark pixels draw noticeable less power than white ones, and on devices with AMOLED screens, truly black pixels are literally turned off, therefore drawing no power in the least .

Twitter dark mode looks great too, and we’re always glad to ascertain developers giving us more choice about how we use our apps.

Twitter dark mode is refreshingly easy to enable, with two different variations to settle on from on mobile devices. Here’s the way to roll in the hay .

Enable Twitter dark mode for iPhone and Android

Twitter for Android and iOS has two dark modes: one with a navy background (called ‘Dim’) and another with a black background (called ‘Lights out’), which was designed with AMOLED screens in mind. Whichever you favor , it is easy to form the switch.

1. Slide out the most menu

2. Select ‘Settings and privacy’

3. Tap ‘Display and sound’

4. Choose either ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights out’

Image Credit: Techradar

Lights Out has been available to iOS users for a few time, but it’s only recently been added to the Android app. If it doesn’t appear within the menu, open your phone’s settings and scroll right down to ‘Apps’. Find Twitter within the list, tap it and choose ‘Force stop’, then clear the app’s data. Re-launch Twitter and therefore the Lights Out option should now be available.

Enable Twitter dark mode for desktop

Twitter’s website makes use of the prefers-color-scheme* setting, which tells your browser that a dark version of the location is out there . latest browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge, will detect this, and display the right version to match your browser settings (light or dark).

If you’d like better to change Twitter’s appearance manually, that’s also possible: open the ‘Settings and Privacy’ menu, then select ‘Display’ and take your pick from the three options provided: Default, Dim and Lights Out.

1. Open the ‘Settings and privacy’ menu

2. Select ‘Display’

3. Choose ‘Default’, ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights out’

4. Pick a highlight color that you simply like

Image Credit: Techradar

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