How to download YouTube videos


Need to download a couple of YouTube videos? we will show you ways with our easy to follow, step-by-step guide.
But before we dive into the instructions below, we do got to warn you: Downloading videos (from YouTube or other sources) is not always legal, so make sure to use the software at your own discretion, and for personal use only
That said, here’s the way to download YouTube videos. Our featured method utilizes a desktop app referred to as 4K Video Downloader.
Step 1: Download the 4K Video Downloader

Head over to the 4K Video Downloader official site and click on the Get 4K Video Downloader button to download it. Once the installer has downloaded, run it to urge the app installed on your computer.
If you don’t have a 4K display, don’t be postpone by the name. this is often one among the foremost versatile and simple-to-use download tools available, and it’ll work with all of your files no matter your computer’s display resolution. The free version of this software has the power to download individual videos at customizable qualities all the high to 4K, has support for 3D and 360-degree videos, can download subtitles, and is even ready to do so via embedded links.
There is a paid version with a tag of $15, except for downloading an easy YouTube video, the free version will suffice.

Step 2: Copy the YouTube video’s URL

The next step is that the easiest: Just head over to the YouTube video you would like to download and replica its URL from the address bar at the highest of your browser window. With the URL locked and loaded in your clipboard, you’ll close the window or tab of the video.
Related content Step 3: Paste within the URL

Open up the 4K Video Downloader application you only installed. There’s no got to manually paste within the URL — just click on the Paste Link button within the top-left corner of the menu bar and therefore the software will grab the URL from your computer’s clipboard.
Step 4: Download your video

Once it’s finished checking the video, you’ll tend variety of options for video quality, formats, and conversions. you’ll also adjust the download location of the video, and therefore the application will create a folder that contains all of your downloaded videos. Note that the video the software grabs are going to be supported your IP address, not the URL you input, so VPN users may have to vary their location to download the proper version.
Just click the Download button after selecting your required options. You’ll then be shown a progress page that details download size, download speed, and estimated time remaining. you’ll pause or cancel the download at any time. Once the download is complete, select your video from the window and a vertical three-dots icon should appear on the proper side of the window. Click thereon icon, and a menu should crop up . From that menu, select Show in Folder to seek out where on your computer the new video was saved.
Once you’ve got the hang of it, 4K Video Downloader are often configured to download videos automatically or with one click using Subscriptions or Smart Mode, respectively.
Other alternatives

There are variety of desktop alternatives to 4K Video Downloader, like VLC media player. We love VLC, but it’s not nearly as straightforward for downloading YouTube videos. additionally , you can’t convert the video to a different format or choose which resolution you favor .

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