Fix Unallocated Space error on USB drive or SD card in Windows 10


If you’re faced with the matter that your SD card or USB drive suddenly shows as unallocated in Disk Management or maybe stops performing on your Windows 10 PC, then this post is meant to assist you. during this post, we’ll identify the possible causes of this error and also present the solutions you’ll attempt to help redress the unallocated space error on your USB drive or SD card.

Unallocated space is a mistake that happens due to incorrect deletion of files and virus attacks. for instance , you’ll accidentally have deleted the partition on the USB or SD card or some computer virus does this for you. The unallocated space could also occur after trying to burn a system to the USB drive. Some operating systems, like Chrome OS and Linux, will change the partition system of your removable device, so there’ll be little free space on your USB drive. Using some third party software inappropriately or unsuccessful formatting can also cause an inaccessible portion on your USB drive or SD card, which is shown as unallocated space.

If you’re faced with the Unallocated Space on USB drive or SD card issue, you’ll try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the difficulty .

• Use Disk Management

• Use HPUSBDisk tool

• Use DiskPart

Let’s take a glance at the outline of the method involved in reference to each of the listed solutions.

1] Use Disk Management

To use Disk Management to resolve the Unallocated Space on USB drive or SD card error, do the following:

• Press Windows key + X to open computer user Menu.

• Press K on the keyboard to open Disk Management.

• On the middle screen of the window, search for your USB disk. It should be Disk 1.

• If your USB drive shows a black ribbon on top then right-click thereon and choose New Simple Volume.

• Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the method .
Afterward, check to ascertain if the difficulty is resolved. If not continue with 
subsequent solution.

2] Use HPUSBDisk tool

Using Disk Management as described above won’t work for each corrupted USB. during which case, you ought to attempt to format it with HPUSBDisk tool. it’s a really powerful tool for fixing corrupted USBs.
To use this tool to aim to repair the Unallocated Space on USB drive or SD card error, do the following:

Download the HP USB Disk format tool.

• Right-click on the downloaded tool and choose Run as Administrator.

• Select your USB or SD card and click on on Start.

If the operation completes and therefore the error remains unresolved, try subsequent solution.

3] Use DiskPart

To use DiskPart to reclaim the Unallocated Space on USB drive or SD card, do the following:

Before you start , copy data because incorrect operations with DiskPart may cause permanent data loss.

• connect the USB drive or SD card you’re having the matter with to your computer.

• Press Windows key + R.

• within the Run panel type diskpart and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER key combo to open DiskPart in prompt elevated/admin mode.

• Now. type list disk and hit Enter.

• Next, type Select disk 1 (this number should belong to your disk) and hit Enter.

• Next, type clean and hit Enter to delete all volumes and partitions on the chosen disk, which is that the USB drive or SD card.

• Now type create partition primary and hit Enter to make a primary partition.

If you would like to make quite one partition on the USB drive, you’ll specify the partition size pertaining to the subsequent syntax:

create partition primary [size=n]

For example, to make a 3000MB partition, run the command below:

create partition primary size=3000

Once you’ve got successfully created the partition, you’ll easily format unallocated space on the USB drive or SD card.

When done, you’ll check to ascertain if the difficulty is resolved.

If you are still facing any issue then do let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely try to help you out.

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