Dell Inspiron 27 7790 all-in-one review


It’s an all-in-one PC that has an HDMI input jack, meaning your Nintendo Switch or Roku streaming stick can plug directly in. That’s console gaming and streaming right your Windows 10 desktop. But the Inspiron 27 (starting at $849.99) also looks the part, with its built-in soundbar and TV-like stand. Can it adequately be both PC and television without sacrificing either?

Small screen goes big
The Inspiron features a sleek silhouette, that’s needless to say . The 27-inch Infinity Edge display is framed by narrow, 8mm white bezels on three sides and a rather larger chin on rock bottom that’s anchored by a silver speaker bar. At $849 ($999 within the configuration we reviewed), you’re essentially getting the equivalent of a $200 1080p monitor neatly packaged with a space-saving PC in an all-in-one design where the screen is hoisted on top of a pre-installed tented stand composed of bent metal tubes.

The result’s that the Inspiron features a similar look to the sculptural wire base of HP’s $499 all-in-one 24. Unlike the iMac’s aluminum stand, the metal wire design doesn’t feel as premium, but it makes the Inspiron 27 less imposing on a desk.

The airy aesthetics of the Inspiron 27’s stand comes at the expense of ergonomics. the bottom allows the screen to recline, but you can’t tilt the panel forward nor are you able to rotate or raise or lower the display. Lacking a VESA bracket on the rear, you furthermore may can’t mount the Inspiron to release more desk space either.

The desktop’s dual-tone design extends to the silver, curved rear panel. albeit there are four generous USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports located on the rear towards rock bottom , only two of them are available if you opt to use Dell’s bundled, color-coordinated wired keyboard and mouse.

Then there’s the star of the show: The HDMI input port. This one simple connection allows gamers to connect their console of choice and use the desktop’s screen as a TV screen. I quickly grabbed my Switch and plugged it in with no problem whatsoever. While I didn’t have the chance to check the Inspiron 27’s performance with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, titles like Super Mario Odyssey and therefore the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all looked great. The built-in soundbar provided an upscale sound profile, which may be a intensify from monitor speakers.

Switching between video input sources is straightforward too. A recessed video source switcher is found on the proper bottom fringe of the soundbar next to the facility button, and you’ll get a visible on-screen confirmation identifying if you’re in “PC” or “HDMI” mode.

There’s also a USB-C port, useful for connecting modern phones or a USB hub for extra connectivity, Ethernet jack, headphone jack, lock slot, and SD card reader. Unfortunately, the USB-C port is merely limited to data and power, and it cannot route video signals.

Those needing a much bigger screen experience can then connect the Inspiron 27 to a projector or HDTV through the HDMI output port on the rear. Given the sunshine 22-pound weight, it wouldn’t be difficult to tote it between an office and a room to attach the Inspiron to a projector for impromptu PowerPoint presentations. The desktop itself is powered by an external charging brick with barrel connector.

Not quite a TV

Though switching between video input sources is straightforward , adjusting volume while in HDMI input mode is that the biggest annoyance with the Inspiron 27’s setup. Unlike stand-alone displays, the Inspiron doesn’t accompany dedicated monitor control buttons.

It also doesn’t accompany any quite remote. to form adjustments to the quantity , brightness, or contrast, it’ll require you to modify into PC mode first. From there, you’ll got to use Windows 10’s software controls or the dedicated keyboard keys to form your adjustments.

A small remote would’ve made this task tons less tedious and properly mimicked the experience on traditional televisions.
Once these adjustments are made, gaming with the Nintendo Switch is an overall enjoyable experience, provided you don’t got to adjust the quantity frequently. needless to say with the casual PC games, I didn’t notice any screen tears or ghosting with the display.

Beyond console gaming, more serious PC gamers can even connect a more powerful laptop or desktop to the Inspiron 27’s HDMI input jack, which might be a useful for upcycling this desktop into a monitor once the interior silicon ages, though having a Thunderbolt 3 port and eGPU would have made accomplished an equivalent purpose.

For college students looking to exchange a stand-alone TV with this 27-inch screen will find the Inspiron a assortment . Connecting a set-top box like an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick worked well – I tested this on both the pre-4K Apple TV and therefore the Fire TV Stick 4K – and you’ll comfortably view content from a streaming TV service like YouTube TV, Netflix, or Hulu.
Live sports content, like football, streamed smoothly when viewed through the ESPN channel on AT&T’s TV Now service using the hearth TV Stick 4K. the sport I watched only showed occasional choppiness, likely thanks to the service’s buffering and streaming limitations instead of the Inspiron’s hardware.
Lacking a coaxial input jack, you won’t be ready to connect a cable box or a sign from your college campus’ video source, however. If you’re a cord-cutter, then you’ll use the remote from the hearth TV or Apple TV to vary channels and switch between various streaming services. But a bit like the restrictions with gaming consoles, you won’t be ready to easily adjust the quantity without having to urge up and switch back to the PC.

Given that commercials on AT&T TV’s service sometimes play louder than the particular programming, not having the ability to simply change the quantity are often annoying. If you attach wired or Bluetooth speakers, you’ll overcome a number of the Inspiron 27’s limitations with volume controls.

A laptop disguised as a desktop

But again, the Inspiron 27 is quite just a monitor. It’s a full-fledged desktop PC too. At least… it pretends to be.
With its 10th-gen U-series processors and more anemic GeForce MX110 graphics, the Inspiron 27’s spec sheet doesn’t read sort of a standard desktop PC. It uses all laptop components, almost like another all-in-ones just like the HP Envy line. While this suggests performance are often limited, these laptop components help keep the chassis small, at just over an in. thick
I found the quad-core Core i5-10210u processor inside our review unit to be fast enough for general productivity tasks, like browsing the online and dealing in Office documents. It’s similar performance to what you get on a Dell XPS 13 or other premium laptop. Just don’t expect to run demanding applications or games such as you could on a more powerful desktop chip.

It’s an identical story with the graphics. Don’t expect else up Jedi: Fallen Order at max settings, but older titles play fine if turned settings to low. Call of Duty: WWII and Honor 4 both looked good in my tests with very minimal stuttering, and Fortnite was definitely playable when scaled to 720p resolution using the game’s lowest settings. If you don’t have a requirement for discrete graphics, Dell offers a less expensive model with integrated graphics.

The system also comes with 8GB of memory, alongside a 256GB SSD and a 1TB of hard discdrive for added storage, all of which is upgradable and serviceable.

It’s unfortunate that Dell didn’t add during a Thunderbolt 3 port on this unit to power external GPUs. albeit you were to use the screen alone with a more powerful gaming PC, you’ll still be limited to the panel’s 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. this is often no proper gaming monitor therein respect.

Our review unit didn’t accompany a touchscreen, but one are often selected with upgraded configurations, but touch features likely won’t work with HDMI input sources.

For privacy conscious dorm dwellers, the stowaway webcam at the highest can popup when needed or stowed out of sight, a trend that’s appearing more on laptops and desktops. Upgraded configurations of the Inspiron 27 also can be equipped with an IR module alongside the FHD cam for Windows Hello password-less logins.

Our take

The Inspiron 27 7790 extends beyond its purpose as an all-in-one PC. having the ability to attach a console or media box to the present all-in-one brings tons useful to the present solidly mediocre desktop, and provides the Inspiron 27 a singular gaming edge. Despite lacking volume or brightness controls, college students and cord-cutters will appreciate how versatile the HDMI input port on the Inspiron 27 are often .

How long will it last?

With a 10th-gen laptop-class Intel Core i5 processor, the Inspiron 27 7790 is predicted to last for a minimum of as long as most laptops. This desktop should easily be ready to get you thru your college years, and graduates can squeeze even more life out of the Inspiron after the silicon inside has lived out its useful life. By connecting a game console or streaming stick, an aging Inspiron 27 are often upcycled as a streaming screen for the kitchen or kid’s room.

The Inspiron 27 is additionally a highly serviceable all-in-one desktop, making repairs and upgrades easy.

Dell offers a typical one-year warranty with mail-in service for repairs. If you would like extra protection, you’ll extend the coverage for up to four years, add accidental coverage, or both for up to $339. Compared to our $999 review unit, the very best warranty coverage you’ll get costs quite one-third of the Inspiron’s price, so unless you’re susceptible to accidents, the worth of the extended protection might not be worthwhile .

Should you buy it?

Yes. The desktop’s HDMI input port adds tons of versatility for gamers and rope cutters, allowing this all-in-one to behave in ways beyond what a PC or laptop is capable.

Warranty & Support

Warranty Details: 3years Dell Warranty

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