Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (AW768)

Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (AW768)

Everyone knows about Alienware at now . The Dell-owned company has made a reputation for itself throughout the years for creating expensive, but gorgeous, gaming PCs just like the Alienware Aurora R7. Of course, gaming PCs aren’t everything – so Alienware has stepped into the peripheral game with products just like the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768.

Just as you’d expect from a keyboard made by Alienware, it’s an angular, futuristic design and is packed to the brim with RGB lighting. But, what’s more impressive is what’s under the hood here: Cherry MX Brown switches, a 1 millisecond (ms) polling rate and dedicated macro keys.
That all sounds great, right? Well, for the foremost part it’s , and it matches all of those great features with a beautiful price which may make it one among the simplest gaming keyboards on the market – as long as you’ll put up with a number of the minor quality of life issues.

  • Price and availability

What might sound surprising to unspecified , jaded PC gamer out there’s that the Alienware Gaming Pro AW768 may be a surprisingly affordable gaming keyboard. you’ll get this keyboard for ₹ 10,500.00 For a totally mechanical keyboard from a brand like Alienware – that’ll likely blend in seamlessly with most gaming PCs – that’s an excellent deal.

The bonus to hitting this price point for Alienware is that it automatically puts it within the same league because the Corsair K68 RGB – which lacks a number of the features that the Alienware AW768 includes, like dedicated macro keys and a volume dial. However, the Alienware keyboard isn’t waterproof .

There is one serious bugbear we’ve regarding the worth of this device: the palm rest isn’t included within the package. If you favor a palm rest for your keyboard, you’re watching an additional $25 (£25, about AU$35). we expect that’s an obscene amount of cash to charge for a palm rest, and unfortunately it wasn’t included within the unit sent to us for review.

  • Design

When we first opened the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard’s package, we could have sworn that it had been wrapped during a smooth, aluminum body – it had been definitely hefty enough. However, the whole thing is made from plastic. Don’t go thinking this suggests it’s flimsy, though – there’s no give to the present keyboard, and it’s extremely sturdy. It just doesn’t feel as nice to the touch because it looks.

The RGB lighting here is similarly deceiving. instead of having the ability to customize the lighting however you would like , on a per-key basis, you’re instead given six zones, each representing a group of keys and/or ambient lights. This does prevent you from making your keyboard look god-awfully tacky, but we might have expected more customization from a corporation like Alienware. Sometimes, you only want to dive in and make something as absurd as possible, right?

There is a set of six macro keys on the left side of the keyboard, and while they’re certainly useful, we ended up unbinding all of the macros we set while gaming. this is often because, within the heat of the instant , it’s extremely easy to succeed in over and hit the incorrect key – setting off a macro once you really didn’t want to. We’re sure this is often a drag that diminishes over time, just be prepared to pencil in a while to coach your motor memory .

However, the media keys didn’t make tons of sense to us. On the highest right corner of the keyboard, there’s a volume wheel that’s unnecessarily wide, with a mute key to the left of it. Now, we don’t realize you, but when we’re within the middle of a Civilization VI binge, we placed on a playlist, and attend town. it might are nice to possess the media control buttons next to the quantity wheel, rather than having to hit “Fn + F12” whenever we wanted to skip a track.

The Alienware AW768 is an undoubtedly beautiful gaming keyboard, it’s just that a number of the planning decisions don’t make plenty of sense to us.

  • Performance

Luckily, the Alienware AW768 may be a very competent keyboard, and is certain to please anyone trying to find a cushty gaming experience.

Because it’s using Cherry MX Brown switches, the keyboard is great for just about everything you’re trying to try to to . Gaming and productivity work feel great in equal measure, and therefore the noise is in check enough to use it in the dark without keeping the whole neighborhood awake.
The best keyboard switches ultimately boil right down to personal preference, and Cherry MX Brown switches are the simplest for beginners who don’t quite know what they’re trying to find yet – very similar to Alienware’s gaming PCs.

It’s great on paper, too – with 45g of actuation force, 2mm actuation distance and a 4mm travel, the keyboard is responsive and tactile, albeit it’s going to edge on the shallow side for a few users.

We, however, do most productivity work on a 2018 MacBook Pro, so there was a big learning curve. However, once we got into the groove of things, it took little time to urge back to our normal typing speed. Given the vast difference between these keyboards, this only speaks to the advantage of the Alienware AW768.

In games, though, these switches are a dream. We’ve been during a little bit of a nostalgic mood these past few weeks, and are replaying Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And, while it’s not a competitive title like Overwatch, the sport plays sort of a dream: the switches feel good , and kept us alive during some frustratingly difficult boss battles.

On top of it all, this keyboard should last you an extended while: the keys are rated to last for up to 50 million keystrokes, which can take an unbelievably while to succeed in . When it involves raw performance per dollar, the Alienware AW768 may be a compelling gaming keyboard.

  • Verdict

The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 may be a fine keyboard for the cash – for 100 bucks, you’re getting reliable performance and attractive aesthetics with only a couple of quality of life compromises.

If you’re an Alienware fan, and you’ve already splurged on one among its gaming PCs, it’s easy to recommend this gaming keyboard. And, albeit you’re not, you’ll do far worse for the cash – there are many ‘mecha-mechanical’ keyboards out there that are much worse value propositions. We’re just surprised that Alienware put out a keyboard this good at this price point – it’s a corporation known to place a premium on its name.

If you’re trying to find one among the simplest gaming keyboards that somehow manages to mix aesthetics, performance and value, you’re getting to have a tough time finding a far better gaming keyboard than the Alienware AW768. That alone should be enough to convince an honest deal of users.

Product description

Tricked out and every one in Introducing all-new Alienware keyboard featuring the long-lasting design you trust for exhilarating, immersive gaming. Whether you’re just starting your collection, or rounding out your arsenal, Alienware accessories are built to reinforce your gaming experience as you journey deeper into the sport . Otherworldly beauty the long-lasting Alienware design brings another layer of imposing style with a zone-based AlienFX RGB backlight that adds an unearthly glow to your keys. AlienFX is meant to bring you closer to the worlds you play in with dynamic lighting effects tied on to the in-game action. Enable static animations and take complete zonal control for a more customized experience. Features: 1. Iconic Alienware design with AlienFX 16.8M RGB 13 zone-based Lighting, 2. Brown mechanical keys, 3. 50million cycle life, 4. 45g actuation force, 5. 60g tactile force, 6. 2mm actuation distance, 7. 4mm total travel distance, 8. but 5ms bounce time (during actuation speed of 0.4 m/s), 9. 1000 Hz (1ms) polling rate, 10. Anti-Ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys, 11. 15 programmable macro key functions with on-the-fly recording, 12. All programmable keys, 13. 3 adjustable leg angles, 14. Multimedia keys, 15. Optional Palm Rest (sold separately), 16. 256kB onboard memory, 17. Dedicated volume roller, 18. Braided nylon cable. Quick actuation and cozy typing Mechanical switches and N-key rollover on all keys and ergonomic comfort will keep you gaming for extended . Amp up the comfort even more with three adjustable feet angles and therefore the optional magnetically attached palm rest. Increased control and accuracy Smooth, responsive game play: Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys, and mechanical switches with 50 million keyboard life cycle, onboard memory and 15 programmable macro key functions with on-the-fly recording means your keyboard lives longer while you increase your kill speed with improved key.
Warranty & Support

Warranty Details: 3 years warranty

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