Best 5 Finder Alternatives for Mac you’ll Use

Best 5 Finder Alternatives for Mac you’ll Use

Mac users have a love-hate relationship with the native file navigation system i.e. Finder. While there’s no denying that Finder is sort of capable, Apple hasn’t been that prompt on adding functionality during a timely fashion. Third-party developers have taken the matter into their own hands and are pushing out some great Finder replacement apps. So, if you actually want your macOS Finder to try to more, here are the highest 10 Finder alternatives for Mac you’ll use in 2020.

Best Finder Alternatives in 2020

1. Commander One v2

Commander One v2 is that the latest version of the favored Finder alternative Commander One and it’s just great. it’s a strong solution for anyone trying to find a Finder alternative. It serves a dual-pane file manager for starters, which may make file operations a breeze to perform if you’ve some screen land to spare.

Commander One v2 also encourages you to be a keyboard ninja and you’ll set keyboard shortcuts for just about everything you’d otherwise do with the trackpad – including but not limited to file operations, selection and navigating through the interface .

In the customization front, users can choose from ten pre-installed themes. If you’re feeling artsy, you’ll also change the looks of elements individually – including fonts, selection and background colour.

Search is one among the various areas where Commander One really shines. you’ll not only search by filename but also look inside the contents of a file – albeit they’re during a compressed ZIP folder. you’ll also make a case sensitive search.

The Pro version allows you to link your cloud storage services like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 account along side newly added account, Backblaze account, andmore. It gives quick access to those cloud accounts in order that you don’t need to keep shifting from navigating local storage to cloud storage.

The built-in FTP manager allows you to attach to remote FTP servers. Combined with dual-pane navigation, you not need to keep moving to and fro to work data between your local storage and your cloud storage.

Other new features of Commander One v2 include the power to open and edit files stored on online connections, ability to open and edit files on MTP and iOS devices, support for Finder Extensions, and more. Commander One v2 can transform the Finder experience on your Mac with its endless list of features. it’s a free version too, so there’s no reason to not catch on .

Download: Commander One v2 (Free Version) | Commander One (Pro-version, $29.99)

2. Path Finder 9
Path Finder has been serving the requirements of Mac users for the past seventeen years and their iteration, Path Finder 9 brings several enhancements and mark the start of a replacement era for this software. Path Finder also comes with a dual-pane navigation support, which also gives you access to bookmarks and hidden files. Like Commander One, Path Finder also allows you to make custom keyboard shortcuts for swift navigation.

Path Finder has an innovative feature called “Drop Stack” to copy/move multiple files. it’s basically a short lived cargo area for your files, which “collects” all the files you would like to copy/move and allows you to perform an operation on all of them directly . this is often particularly useful when handling an outsized number of files, which are scattered everywhere your storage area .

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Path Finder bring all the features that you simply expect from a strong Finder alternative. It allows you to customize the interface, supports cloud storage service (only Dropbox), brings support for custom keyboard shortcuts and more.

All that said, the most important differentiator for Path Finder has always been modules and Path Finder 9 ports a totally new and versatile modules structure. you’ll arrange these modules anyway you wish and even customize them booth visually and functionally. This makes Path Finder the foremost versatile finder alternative that you simply can find.

Path Finder has always been great and therefore the new Path Finder 8 has made this software even better. If you’re willing to distribute $39.99, Path Finder is that the tool I’d recommend for power users.

Download: Path Finder ($36, 30 days freetrial)

3. XtraFinder
If your needs warrant an easy Finder alternative with all the essential features, XtraFinder could also be the proper application for you. Probably the simplest part about this macOS file manager is that the ability to supply quick access to many functions available within the toolbar, menus, and therefore the contextual menu. So, whether you would like to point out hidden items, hide desktop, create a symbolic link or maybe copy path, it can allow you to get your work done faster.

Another feature that’s worth listening of is that the ability to copy and move files with ease. Perfect for the days where you’ve got to handle plenty of files! a bit like Finder, it also offers a convenient thanks to adjust the width of columns. Thus, you’ll view complete file names of all files without having to regulate column width manually. Though XtraFinder can’t make a match with Apple’s offering in terms of customization, it’s quite decent during this department.

For example, the custom color aka the sunshine text on the background, the colorful icons within the sidebar, and therefore the choice to keep folders in particular files can are available quite handy. What’s more, XtraFinder is out there for free of charge , which makes it one among the simplest free Finder alternatives for Mac.

Download: XtraFinder (Free, $4.99)

4. Nimble Commander

If you would like a highly efficient Finder alternative for macOS, i might recommend you to offer an attempt to Nimble Commander. because of a variety of proficient tools, the file manager looks primed for power users love it professionals and software developers. Written mostly in C++, Nimble Commander can make an honest match with Finder when it involves snappier performance. Thus, you’ll affect dozens of tabs and windows simultaneously without facing any sluggishness.

Furthermore, the software offers quick keyboard access to file management operations. With the keyboard shortcuts for several common actions, you’ll perform several tasks comfortably without having to follow roundabout routes. Features just like the handy batch renaming, file viewer, and archives handling assist you double down on productivity. Even better, Nimble Commander features an admin mode which offers unrestricted root access in order that you’ll use your Mac without having to use an app under another user.

Download: Nimble Commander (Free, pro version comes at $24.99)

5. DCommander

Simply put, DCommander possesses all the essential features to be a notable alternative to the stock file manager for macOS. First and foremost, the software comes with a bunch of productivity defining tools to allow you to amp up your performance. for instance , you’ll quickly hunt a selected file type using the advanced search feature and rename several files at one pass making the foremost of the batch renaming tool. Second, it comes with native editing tools in order that you’ll edit your files right from inside this file manager. And third, it offers FTP SFTP and SCP connections to allow you to transfer data to servers smoothly. Considering these notable features, DCommander can safely claim to be a user-friendly Finder substitute.

Download: DCommander ($14.99)

Choose the simplest Finder Alternatives

That’s just about it! As of these third-party file managers are quite user-friendly, it might be pretty tough to settle on anybody of them. From my personal experience, I’ve grown to like Path Finder. you are doing not necessarily need to accept my words. What I’d recommend you is to see out the feature list of those Finder replacement apps and see which features are likely to profit you.

If you aren’t that much of an influence user, I’d recommend going with TotalFinder. It adds all the essential functionality at a minimum cost. If you’re aren’t willing to spend any money, XtraFinder might be a reasonably good free alternative, too. As I’ve said, to every its own. I hope you discover this list of Finder alternatives useful. Do tell us what Finder alternatives does one use, to reinforce your Finder experience?

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